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I’m a full time independent guitar and bass instructor with over 25 years of experience in performance and private instruction.  I work with all styles and levels, from beginner to advanced, at any age (my youngest student is 8 and my oldest is in their 60’s).
For the individual who already is playing well, additional support with technique, theory, improvisation, transcription, or composition/arranging - I can give you the guidance to accomplish your goals.
I have well over 4,000 + charts/transcriptions available, and use C.D. backing tracks that I create, as well as slow-down and pitch shift technology of recordings to help you to really know what is being played by your favorite artist.
   *  Patient, supportive teacher with 25+ years experience.
   *  Informative and effective lessons on a weekly basis.
   *  Lessons are fun, friendly and geared towards the students’ interests.My lessons are interactive, playing-oriented, highly-personalized and tailored to help you derive the most enjoyment possible from your instrument
   *  All instructional materials supplied

   *  Learn to read music - Notation, TAB, and Chord charts

   *  Specializing in Modal Theory application of scales, as well as major and minor pentatonic usage the easy way to understand and use.

   *  Develop practice skills to teach yourself.